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‘the combination made my eyes bleed’

Wugazi – 13 Chambers (self-released, 2011) Obviously this album layers Wu-Tang rhymes over Fugazi post-rock to create the ultimate tribute to the early 90’s.  What might not be so obvious before listening to the album is how well these diverse groups fit together.  Like Danger Mouse and Jaydiohead before them, Cecil Otter, Swiss Andy, Plain Ole Bill and Adam Constable… Read more →

Wugazi = Doomtree + Wu-Tang + Fugazi = Awesome

In these days when most are too jaded to even waste their time claiming ‘hip-hop is dead’, the Minneapolis-based Doomtree collective continue to put out exciting releases from P.O.S., Dessa and most recently Simms.  Today they leaked the first track off their Wugazi project.  Joining the likes of Danger Mouse‘s Grey Album and Jaydiohead‘s mixtapes, Sleep Rules Everything Around Me… Read more →

Found Stuff:Mixtape – Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

A mixtape that include 27 tracks of Wu-Tang acapellas over samples from Beatles songs.  Produced by Tom Caruana.  I haven’t actually listened to this all the way through or anything, but it sounds interesting from what I’ve heard.  It’s no Girl Talk, Jaydiohead or even Grey Album, but it’s the right price…free! Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers (via official website) Read more →