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Wise Blood and your face…Independent SF 06-08-11

‘The other band died in a terrible crash, so you’re stuck with us.  We will cover all their stuff, but first we are going to do our own material.  We are Wise Blood and you might hate this!’ Not the most assuring introduction from Houston’s relatively unknown Christopher Laufman and his electronic/hip-hop/house project.  The clean cut, whiteboy with a (blood?)… Read more →

Salem – King Night

Salem – King Night These guys might be dicks (see Pitchfork review below).  They might transcend genres like witch house, drag, rape gaze and many others I don’t care to mention.  They might not like to perform live.  And evidently, they don’t give a shit about you!  But aside from all that  is the music…and this is music worth checking… Read more →

Re-Up: September 2010

Every month I will recap the albums and songs I can recommend under the Re-Up heading. Click on each album cover for more information and song link to play the song.  Right-click and ‘Save Link As’ to download song. Albums: Songs: ▲POPDRONE – Belong To (internet only) All Tiny Creatures ft. Justin Vernon – An Iris (from Harbors out early… Read more →

Wise Blood – ‘+’

Just one more artist making me eat my words about electronic music.  Christopher Laufman is from Houston, TX and under the pseudonym Wise Blood will join the likes of Washed Out, Active Child, Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian in this new wave that is being dubbed ‘chill‘.  The difference between Wise Blood and these other acts lay in the… Read more →