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Two Cow Garage. Lion’s Lair. 10.18.13

Lion’s Lair is just another dive bar in a parade of dive bars that trudge up and down East Colfax Avenue. Positioned a little too far from the Fillmore and Ogden Theater, and not far enough east to benefit from the Bluebird crowd, the unremarkable stain on a street of stains is truly a locals only haunt. It’s the type of place… Read more →

‘going to sleep as punk rock kids, waking up part of the machine…didn’t see this coming’

Two Cow Garage – Sweet Saint Me (Suburban Home Records, 2010) The fifth album from Columbus, Ohio‘s alt-country band was released on Ft. Collin‘s Suburban Home Records last year, but I didn’t spend much time with it until this holiday break.  The band sounds a lot like label-mates Drag The River as well as Lucero with a little less smoke… Read more →