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Belle and Sebastian with The Colorado Symphony. Charles Bradley. Red Rocks. 06.17.15

Belle and Sebastian & Charles Bradley. Red Rocks. 06.17.15 Indie bands always need a little help drawing a crowd to Red Rocks. Denver provides a lot of support for its excellent local music scene, but independent acts visiting from other cities (and countries) usually have to stick to venues within the city limits. They regularly sell out shows at the… Read more →

Los Campesinos! – Romance Is Boring

Ever heard the expression ‘twee as fuck‘?  It’s a contradiction in terms that can be found on florescent t-shirts worn by 20-somethings with teddy bear backpacks (a lot of whom end up here).  Twee.  It’s a type of music that most wish never existed.  This is a form of indie pop that usually involves childish lyrics sung by childish people… Read more →