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The Knife. Fillmore Auditorium. 04.21.14

The photo above best represents the image in my head of what The Knife would look like on stage. My skewed perspective came from the media that surrounded the album that first introduced me to the masked Dreijer siblings. The visual companions to Silent Shout were extremely dark and they portrayed Karin and Olof as anonymous figures in a variety of… Read more →

Stream the new The Knife Album

The Knife has put their new album, a soundtrack to the electro-opera Tomorrow, In A Year, up on their website. This is not the proper follow-up to their modern classic, Silent Sound, but should be interesting. Stream and/or purchase Tomorrow, In A Year (via theknife.net) (also, check out Fever Ray‘s appearance at the P3 awards) Read more →

Fever Ray’s Face Melting Speech!

The Knife is my favorite creepy Swedish electronic group.  Fever Ray is the female half of The Knife, Karin Dreijer Andersson.  If you have seen her videos, you know she is one strange chick.  But now, she’s gone one-step further with her acceptance speech at the P3 Guld Awards in Sweden.  Watch the video below…and take that Lady Gaga!!! Read more →

Just a Track: The Knife – Colouring of Pigeons

My favorite mask-wearing Swedes have released the first single off their new album via free download. The single, Colouring of Pigeons, is a collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock and will be on the soundtrack to the opera Tomorrow, In A Year.  This  electro-opera is based on Darwin‘s mind and The Origin of Species.  The theme is ‘change’ and it’s… Read more →