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The Hold Steady. Denver Day of Rock. 05.24.14

Performing songs from an album called Boys and Girls in America at a benefit sponsored by a non-profit called Concerts For Kids might seem like a no-brainer…unless of course, you know the album. When Craig Finn informed the crowd “it started recreational, it ended kinda medical”, he wasn’t talking about youth sports. “Massive Nights” wasn’t your traditional ‘coming of age’… Read more →

Sunday Fun Fun Fun Day!

Fun Fun Fun fest is the best festival in the country.  It’s relatively small.  It’s in Austin.  It has everything. It’s so nice to see the metalheads playing nice with the punks at the Black Stage.  It’s great that you can walk right up to the Orange Stage for front-row viewing or chose to kick it on the lawn further… Read more →

The Hold Steady @ The Ogden, 07/07/2010

Everyone has good and bad days at work.  Right?  Well, hopefully you have some good days mixed in with the bad.  But if you’re a rock band, you have to be on it every night.  If you’re having a bad day, you cannot let the audience see or feel it.  If they do, you’re not going to make any new… Read more →

The Hold Steady – Heaven Is Whenever

I’m going to start this review the same way I started my review of Broken Social Scene‘s Forgiveness Rock Record… This week makes me miss the days when I would go to the record store, buy a CD I had been waiting for, get in my car and open in up and drive around for an hour while listening to… Read more →