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Class of 2016: The Performers

2016 was another great year for live music in Colorado (and elsewhere). My final count came to 210 performances, across 88 shows and a festival. I was able to see AC/DC on my birthday, right before Brian Johnson’s exit from the band. I got to witness one of Sabbath’s final performances just a few days later. I saw Kanye right before he… Read more →

The Flaming Lips. Red Rocks. 05.26.16

The Flaming Lips. Red Rocks. 05.26.16 The Flaming Lips are never one to skimp on production. In 2002, “The Unlimited Sunshine Tour” contained foam guns, giant bubble screens, and Yoshimi battling those pesky pink robots. In 2009, it was hard for the natural beauty of Red Rocks to compete with the barrage of technological eye candy thrown at an unsuspecting… Read more →

The Flaming Lips bring Dorothy, Dark Side of the Moon & Primus to Red Rocks

It might have seemed a little presumptuous when Wayne Coyne took the stage to declare this night as ‘one of the greatest Red Rocks has ever seen‘.  It might have seemed that way if you don’t understand Wayne’s personality. He didn’t really mean that this night would top countless legendary performances over decades of music at the Rocks.  You can’t… Read more →

Dark Night of the Soul to be Released!

Dark Night of the Soul is a collaborative project between Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and David Lynch.  The end product was an album of songs including the producer, musician and director, as well as guest appearances from The Flaming Lips, Iggy Pop, Black Francis, James Mercer and the late-Vic Chesnutt among others.  The album was to be released with a book… Read more →