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jj wants to kill you

jj – Kills (Sincerely Yours, 2010) There was a time when jj was an anonymous Swedish pop project that hid Lil’ Wayne lyrics under balaeric beats and were presented as nothing nothing than blood splattered marijuana leaves.  Blood on the cover was ironic at the time because the music was so quiet and the female voice so sweet, but the… Read more →

Robyn – Body Talk

Robyn – Body Talk Robyn promised 3 albums in 2010 and she delivered 3 EPs with a total of 21 new songs.  Not too bad for a year’s work.  Body Talk is a collection of the best songs from the first 2 EPs, Body Talk, Pt. 1 and Body Talk, Pt. 2 packaged with the 5-song EP, Body Talk, Pt.… Read more →

Watain. Marquis Theater. 11.11.10

I expected to be a distant observer at the Watain show at Marquis Theater last night, but somehow I found myself smashed against the stage when the Satanic Swedes came out. I was close enough to almost taste the goat blood.  Struggling with mixed feelings — ‘I don’t belong here’, ‘I am a little frightened’, ‘this is too interesting to leave’,… Read more →

Re-Up: September 2010

Every month I will recap the albums and songs I can recommend under the Re-Up heading. Click on each album cover for more information and song link to play the song.  Right-click and ‘Save Link As’ to download song. Albums: Songs: ▲POPDRONE – Belong To (internet only) All Tiny Creatures ft. Justin Vernon – An Iris (from Harbors out early… Read more →

Robyn – Body Talk, Pt. 2

Robyn – Body Talk, Pt. 2 Did you see Robyn‘s 30-second performance on the VMA‘s last night (or more likely on youtube this morning)?  I wonder why she only got 30 seconds when she has more talent in one strand of her short platinum hair than most of those artists have in their whole body?  Oh yeah, it’s MTV.  Anyway,… Read more →

4X: Extreme Essentials

Nightbringer – Apocalypse Sun Some heavy black metal from right here in Colorado. Nightbringer – Serpent of the Midnight Sun Reviews: Infernal Masquerade 5/5 Mishka Bloglin B Metal Psalter Ludicra – The Tenant You’d never know that this San Francisco-based black metal band is fronted by a female lead singer. She growls and screams with the best of her male… Read more →

ceo – White Magic

ceo – White Magic The solo project of Eric Berglund of the Swedish band Tough Alliance crosses a lot of genres and in doing so, avoids being just another electronic album. ceo – No Mercy Reviews: Pitchfork 8.5 PrettyMuchAmazing 8.2 Prefix 8.0 Read more →

Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 1

Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 1 Hands down the best thing to happen to dance pop this decade (sorry Gaga), Robyn writes perfect pop songs with just enough edge to keep her on the hipster radar.  You’ll find her on the blogs, Pitchfork, Stereogum, as well as the dancefloor. Robyn – Dancing On My Own Reviews: Pitchfork 8.5 Slant 4/5… Read more →