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Class of 2016: The Performers

2016 was another great year for live music in Colorado (and elsewhere). My final count came to 210 performances, across 88 shows and a festival. I was able to see AC/DC on my birthday, right before Brian Johnson’s exit from the band. I got to witness one of Sabbath’s final performances just a few days later. I saw Kanye right before he… Read more →

Sufjan Stevens. Red Rocks. 07.18.16

Sufjan Stevens. Red Rocks. 07.18.16 As his voice rose to the heavens above Red Rocks, “because he is the Lord, cause he is the Lord,” massive feathered wings grew from the back of Sufjan Stevens. Reaching for the full moon above, they spread open to receive the night, while Stevens’ angelic voice mesmerized the congregation. And then the dancers grew… Read more →

Sufjan Stevens brings Love, Heartache and the Apocalypse to The Paramount Theatre with The Age of Adz

‘I’m Sufjan Stevens and I’ll be your entertainment this evening.’ Those were the first spoken words of Sufjan‘s set and they came around 8:45pm, after opening with the title track from 2004’s Seven Swans (one of the only older songs performed throughout the night).  Over 2 hours later I was walking out of the Paramount Theatre a little dazed and… Read more →

Sufjan Stevens – The Age Of Adz

Sufjan Stevens – The Age Of Adz It’s been 5 years since Sufjan released his critically-acclaimed Illinois concept album and since then I have been fighting the urge to give-up on the man.  Over the past 5 years we’ve had  collection of outtakes from an album that already had 22 tracks and a running time of well over an hour,… Read more →

Re-Up: September 2010

Every month I will recap the albums and songs I can recommend under the Re-Up heading. Click on each album cover for more information and song link to play the song.  Right-click and ‘Save Link As’ to download song. Albums: Songs: ▲POPDRONE – Belong To (internet only) All Tiny Creatures ft. Justin Vernon – An Iris (from Harbors out early… Read more →