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Hood, Isbell, Cooley. One Night Only for Terry Pace. Shoals Theatre. 06.15.14

“Don’t know why they even bother putting this highway on the mapAnybody that’s ever been on it knows exactly where they’re at‘Cause hell’s on both ends of itAnd nowhere’s in between.This highway’s mean” The length of U.S. Route 72 that runs west from I-65, across the Wheeler Reservoir and Shoal Creek into Florence, isn’t anything to write home about. I’m sure there are… Read more →


Lucero. Bluebird Theater. 04.20.13

Monday mornings always suck. They suck even worse after Lucero’s been to town. As the boys from Tennessee are getting some ink and R&R in Wichita, the rest of us have to pick our heavy heads up off the smoke-and-whiskey stained pillows, stumble into the shower, scrub off the filth of another wasted weekend, and get our worthless selves to… Read more →


American Aquarium. Moe’s. 04.16.13

“…have you ever been to Denver on a Tuesday?“ American Aquarium are a rock band with country luck. They were raised on small town hymns, their women lie and cheat, they drink a lot of whiskey, and their parents are disappointed in their decisions. Their lives consist of driving 23 hours from one town to the next; through blizzards, road… Read more →