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Buck-O-Nine. Marquis Theater. 09.12.15

Buck-O-Nine. Marquis Theater. 09.12.15 Everything was new when Buck-O-Nine opened for The Specials in 1994. I had just moved to San Diego from a small town in Northern California, Buck-O-Nine had just released their debut album, and Soma had just relocated to an old warehouse at 5303 Metro Street. It was the beginning of something special for everyone involved. Soma… Read more →

Sublime Reunited?!!!

When I first saw this headline I could not wait to write a scathing report about Eric and Bud‘s blasphemous money grab…how the hell could Sublime be Sublime without Bradley?  That’s just stupid! Full disclosure, I am a self-proclaimed Sublime expert.  I had a demo tape of 40 Oz. to Freedom before Lou’s Records had even heard of them, I… Read more →