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Sigur Rós. 1stBank Center. 04.06.12

Some friends of mine were lucky enough to witness Sigur Rós perform in Iceland last year and I’ve been meaning to ask them if the locals were singing along.  Granted, some of the lyrics are sung in Jónsi’s own Hopelandic tongue, but I’m almost positive that the majority of sounds escaping his mouth are truly Icealandic. And I have to wonder whether any… Read more →

‘along the street lately the stories are bound’

As I mentioned back in December, the time I have available to dedicate to this blog has become less than years past. A new job and other real-life responsibilities have taken precedence over my daily ingest of music and pop culture. I have been working long (full) days for the past few months, and although it has been extremely rewarding to… Read more →

Jónsi – Go

Sigur Rós was one of those bands that I just did not understand.  When Takk… came out I tried to listen to it based on all the amazing reviews and I just didn’t get it.  When I was in Australia, a bouncer at a club where they had just played described their sound as ‘whales humping’.  That pretty much explained… Read more →

Jónsi’s Solo Album & Tour

As reported earlier, Sigur Rós is on indefinite hiatus, but frontman, Jonsí Birgisson, will be hitting the road in support of his upcoming solo album, Go. And this time I can happily say, he IS coming to Denver! Go will be released on April 15th, but you can stream the new single, boy lilikoi, on his website now. It doesn’t… Read more →