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Ryan Adams. Red Rocks. 08.17.16

Ryan Adams. Red Rocks. 08.17.16 “This actually fucking happened! Mike, look at that! There are a bunch of people right there, look! They are right there!!!” Ryan Adams was speaking to Mike Viola, the guitarist for his latest band, The Shining. The thing which had just happened (and was still happening) was the last performance of their short summer tour.… Read more →

Ryan Adams. Red Rocks. 06.04.15

Ryan Adams. Red Rocks. 06.04.15 I was unable to make it to Red Rocks to see the always amazing Ryan Adams, but Kat was able to attend in my absence. She was also kind enough to share her experience. According to the Mayo clinic, “Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes spontaneous episodes of vertigo —… Read more →

Ryan Adams Goes Metal!

Last I heard Ryan Adams had married Mandy Moore and had retired from music.   Well, as far as I know he is still married to Mandy Moore, but it looks like he’s making music.  The extremely prolific singer-songwriter has just released a metal song!  I can’t tell this story better than Pitchfork, so I’ll just let them tell it… From… Read more →