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Miguel. Boulder Theater. 10.11.16

Miguel. Boulder Theater. 10.11.16 As the lights slowly dimmed around the venue, the Boulder Theater became Miguel’s bedroom. A panel of screens reflected all the stars in the cosmos, while a voice called for sacrifice to the void, because in the end, “we’re all gonna die young.” Laughing in the face of mortality, as only the young can do, the mostly… Read more →

notes from the road: The Weeknd. 05.02.12

Abel Tesfaye and his new band stopped off at the Center Stage in Atlanta for yet another sold out show.  The Weeknd have joined the likes of M83 and James Blake in record ticket sales for relatively small acts.  Tickets for the San Francisco show at The Fillmore are going for as much as $200 each.  I think it’s safe… Read more →

‘I look like a devil, but you wearing the red dress’

Terius Nash (The-Dream) – 1977 (self-released, 2011) 1977 is The-Dream‘s latest album.  It is not a mixtape.  It was released for free on the Internet as Terius Nash because of issues with his label, Def Jam.  Like Jay-Z before him, Nash seems to have 99 problems, but songwriting ain’t one.  Dude has written hit singles for Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Mariah… Read more →

‘you don’t care, well that’s ok’

Beyoncé – 4 (Columbia, 2011) What might seem like an odd album recommendation for this site, it will make sense to those who know me and my affection for female r&b singers.  Usually I keep these guilty pleasures within the confines of my own home and ipod, but Beyoncé‘s fourth full-length since going solo really does transcend the ‘guilty’ part… Read more →