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Sufjan Stevens. Red Rocks. 07.18.16

Sufjan Stevens. Red Rocks. 07.18.16 As his voice rose to the heavens above Red Rocks, “because he is the Lord, cause he is the Lord,” massive feathered wings grew from the back of Sufjan Stevens. Reaching for the full moon above, they spread open to receive the night, while Stevens’ angelic voice mesmerized the congregation. And then the dancers grew… Read more →

‘along the street lately the stories are bound’

As I mentioned back in December, the time I have available to dedicate to this blog has become less than years past. A new job and other real-life responsibilities have taken precedence over my daily ingest of music and pop culture. I have been working long (full) days for the past few months, and although it has been extremely rewarding to… Read more →

Who is Rhye?

There is something frustratingly familiar about the seductive female vocal in the 3 tracks that make up Rhye‘s debut teaser, Open…I just can’t put my finger on where I’ve heard it before.  Unfortunately, this is one of those rare times when Google will not give up the answer I’m looking for. Rhye are playing the popular game of hide-and-seek, putting… Read more →