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Will The Libertines Last A Weekend?

The Libertines are reuniting.  They are set to make a couple million dollars for one weekend of work.  But can they do it?  Will Pete Doherty get through the weekend without being busted for crack, heroin, drunk driving, grand theft auto or even murder?  Well, Carl Barat and fans that will be attending the Reading and Leeds Festivals are sure… Read more →

Concrete Blonde Reunion?!!!

It has been 20 years since Concrete Blonde put out the amazing Bloodletting album.  That album introduced me to Johnette Napolitano‘s haunting voice and songwriting skills.  Tomorrow, Wendy is still one of my favorite songs of all time. The Los Angeles-based band broke up 5 years later. In 2001 they reunited and I caught them in 2002 at the Bumbershoot… Read more →

Atari Teenage Riot Reunite

There are various reports coming out today that Atari Teenage Riot have reunited.  The line-up will include original members Alec Empire and Hanin Elias with late-90s member Nic Endo.  Carl Crack died in 2001 of a drug overdose.  Some are saying this is a one-off for a show in London, but others are saying a European tour is planned. Do… Read more →

Soundgarden Is Back

After 13 years apart, the original members of Soundgarden have reunited according to posts on Facebook and Twitter by Chris Cornell.  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve even thought about Soundgarden, but now that I am, I am thinking this might be a great show.  Not too sure about a new album, but hell, if Alice in Chains can put… Read more →