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Class of 2016: The Overachievers

2016 was a shit year. Seriously. We experienced one of the ugliest elections in recent history. Social progress not only came to a halt, but there are elements within our country that would be happy to see us rewind the past half century. And everybody died. Well, not everybody, but you know what I mean. We lost Prince, David Bowie, and Leonard… Read more →

Radiohead Play For Haiti (Sunday!)

Radiohead are playing a single show at The Music Box at The Fonda in Los Angeles this weekend.  This is Radiohead at a venue that seats less than a thousand people!  If I was feeling better and hadn’t just flown to San Diego to watch my Chargers get beat, I would be there! Tickets for this show are available via… Read more →

New Radiohead Album in the Works

“Radiohead are back in the studio.” “They are in a different place than they were with Kid A.”  “The vibe is fantastic.”  This is good news!  But to be honest I really don’t care if they release a new album or not, I just want them to come play Red Rocks!  I have only seen Radiohead once and it was… Read more →