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Lucero. Gothic Theatre. 12.29.14

Lucero / Drag The River. The Gothic Theatre. Englewood, Colorado. 12.29.14 Making small talk about the weather is something people do in uncomfortable situations where no other common ground can be found, but when you’re standing outside in subzero temperatures it’s the elephant that refuses to be ignored. As Gary Lee (of Gary Lee’s Motor Club and Grub) was educating… Read more →

Lagwagon. Summit Music Hall. 12.11.14

Lagwagon. Summit Music Hall. Denver, CO 12.11.14 Live Review and Setlist. It’s January 14th, 1995. I am about to see Lagwagon for the first time. It’s a Saturday. I sleep in late because I don’t have anywhere to be. I roll out of bed (a mattress on the ground) sometime in the late afternoon. After a quick shower, I throw… Read more →

Riot Fest Denver 2014…a postmortem.

My Festival Experience Summary: 2 Days / 3 Nights 20 Hrs. 45 Mins. 28 Bands Albums Witnessed in Entirety: NOFX – Punk in Drublic Slayer – Reign in Blood Weezer – Weezer (The Blue Album) Descendents – Milo Goes to College Violent Femmes – Violent Femmes Cost Breakdown: 3-Day Presale Pass: $98.98 Drinks: $116.00 Bartender Tips: $18.00 Food: $33.00 TOTAL: $265.98 Why Sports Authority Field… Read more →

Touché Amoré. Marquis Theater. 02.06.14

I’m too old for this shit. Seriously. Standing in lines to get into punk rock shows should be something I reminisce about when I want my daughter to think I used to be cool. It’s not something I should be doing while the windchill whispers death into my frozen ears. When Patrick Kindlon asked if we were “ok with what was… Read more →

Two Cow Garage. Lion’s Lair. 10.18.13

Lion’s Lair is just another dive bar in a parade of dive bars that trudge up and down East Colfax Avenue. Positioned a little too far from the Fillmore and Ogden Theater, and not far enough east to benefit from the Bluebird crowd, the unremarkable stain on a street of stains is truly a locals only haunt. It’s the type of place… Read more →

Queens of the Stone Age. Red Rocks. 08.16.13

If I were to say Queens of the Stone Age are the only band making ‘rock’ music today, the comments section of this post would overflow with explicit details as to why I’m an idiot. I would be called ignorant and uninformed, and the list of band names would justify my accusers’ allegations. But that doesn’t change the fact that… Read more →

Amanda Palmer with the Colorado Symphony. Red Rocks. 06.14.13

Amanda Palmer. The painted-on eyebrows. The crowd sourcing scandal. The NSFW music videos. The controversial poetry. The famous husband. The unabashed sexuality and promiscuity… It’s amazing this woman finds time to get dressed everyday, much less write and perform music. But make music she does, and ‘performance’ could be her middle name. Amanda Palmer is many things, and each of those… Read more →

Face to Face. A cautionary tale…

After spending 36 years on this planet, you’d think there would be certain truths that would be ingrained in my mind and person. Especially when the universe has tried so damn hard to teach me these things… No matter how nice the weather, don’t day drink before a late night show. No matter how tired you are after day drinking,… Read more →