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Steven Wilson. Gothic Theatre. 11.12.16

Steven Wilson. Gothic Theatre. 11.12.16 Images of pigeons, pecking their lives away atop buildings, were transitioned into various street scenes around London, as Adam Holzman set the stage at the Gothic Theatre with “First Regret”. The rest of the band appeared one by one, while the ominous keyboard sounds silenced the sold-out crowd. We had all become voyeurs peeking into… Read more →

Tool. Pepsi Center. 10.26.16

Tool. Pepsi Center. 10.26.16 Sometimes it is nearly impossible to remove yourself from your surroundings when attending a concert in a giant corporate arena. While others times, suspension of disbelief is achieved effortlessly. When it comes to a Tool show, the venue itself literally ceases to exist. That was the case at the Pepsi Center last night. Hypnotized by Can Buyukberber’s… Read more →

Opeth @ Ogden Theatre. 10.25.11

Those hoping for a death metal show when Opeth came through Denver last week were sorely disappointed, but those who were familiar with the new album and aware of the progressive setlist were treated to a perfectly balanced rock show by some of the most talented musicians to come from Sweden. As the snow piled up outside, Mikael Åkerfeldt and… Read more →

notes from the coast: UFO @ The Key Club, 9/24

Cruelly underrated and overlooked throughout the history of rock, there are five names that should always be mentioned when talking about one of the greatest rock bands EVER. They are Phil Moog, Michael Schenker, Pete Way, Andy Parker and Paul Raymond, otherwise known as UFO. With the thunderous rhythm section of Way, Parker and Raymond powering the majestically gruff yet… Read more →

Peter Gabriel: New Blood, Deafening Thunder, Blinding Lightning & Red Rain at Red Rocks

Après moi le deluge translates to ‘after me comes the flood’ and can be traced back to the King of France, Louis XV (1710-1744), but when Peter Gabriel uttered those words from the stage at Red Rocks on Monday night during his cover of Regina Spektor’s Après Moi, it felt more like a prediction.  On command, the black clouds hovering… Read more →

RUSH Marathon at the Rocks

The forecast was for rain, our seats were way up in the 58th row, the traffic getting into Red Rocks was horrendous and we were going to see a Rush.  Most Rush fans would trade their first-born or maybe even their favorite bass to see Rush at Red Rocks.  I am not most Rush fans.  I woudn’t even consider myself… Read more →

Tool @ Red Rocks: Night 1

Tool brought their unique show back to Colorado this week with two nights at Red Rocks. They brought their trademark progressive rock/metal with an industrial twist and they brought their mind-altering lights and visual aids. They also brought an attitude about cameras that I have never seen at Red Rocks. ‘No cameras of any kind, violators may be ejected’ was… Read more →

Roger Waters Takes 30 Year Old Wall On The Road

The Wall, Roger Waters‘ twisted masterpiece, turned 30 years old last November.  It was about 3 years later that Roger Waters left the band and tried to prevent Gilmore from using the Pink Floyd name.  The classic line-up did not perform together again until 2005 when Waters and Gilmore appeared onstage in Hyde Park in London.  A performance I flew… Read more →