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The Flaming Lips bring Dorothy, Dark Side of the Moon & Primus to Red Rocks

It might have seemed a little presumptuous when Wayne Coyne took the stage to declare this night as ‘one of the greatest Red Rocks has ever seen‘.  It might have seemed that way if you don’t understand Wayne’s personality. He didn’t really mean that this night would top countless legendary performances over decades of music at the Rocks.  You can’t… Read more →

Roger Waters Takes 30 Year Old Wall On The Road

The Wall, Roger Waters‘ twisted masterpiece, turned 30 years old last November.  It was about 3 years later that Roger Waters left the band and tried to prevent Gilmore from using the Pink Floyd name.  The classic line-up did not perform together again until 2005 when Waters and Gilmore appeared onstage in Hyde Park in London.  A performance I flew… Read more →