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Moonface. Moe’s. 03.02.14

Moonface is Spencer Krug. Spencer Krug is Moonface. This has never been more apparent than it was at Moe’s last night. Gone were the festival-sized synths and guitars of Wolf Parade. Gone were the psychedelic sounds of Sunset Rubdown. Gone were his fellow percussion nerds. And gone were his friends in Siinai. The Canadian, who now calls Finland home, was alone… Read more →

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra. Gothic Theatre. 09.21.12

It was just before dusk as the parade of costumed characters made its way down South Broadway to the aptly named Gothic Theatre on Friday night.  Those in the predominately female procession began to blur together, leaving faceless images draped in ruffled Victorian dresses augmented by leather corsets, sleeve tattoos, protruding silver studs, thick black eyeliner and heavy layers of… Read more →

‘the horses in my heart are chained’

Gem Club – Breakers (Hardly Art, 2011) Beautiful. Cold.  Haunting.  Quiet.  These are all words that accurately describe the debut full length from Somerville, MA‘s Gem Club.  A collection of minimal, piano-driven compositions featuring Christopher Barnes‘ forlorn figures skating across the ice of an abandoned lake.  Kristen Drymala thaws her frozen fingers on the cello, providing just enough warmth to… Read more →