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Peter Gabriel: New Blood, Deafening Thunder, Blinding Lightning & Red Rain at Red Rocks

Après moi le deluge translates to ‘after me comes the flood’ and can be traced back to the King of France, Louis XV (1710-1744), but when Peter Gabriel uttered those words from the stage at Red Rocks on Monday night during his cover of Regina Spektor’s Après Moi, it felt more like a prediction.  On command, the black clouds hovering… Read more →

Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back

Peter Gabriel entered my life in 1986 when his video for Sledgehammer was on TV every 5 minutes.  I was 9 and I hated the song and the video.  The stop motion filming of Gabriel’s head and the chaos going on around it gave me a headache.  This was all I knew of the man and I was not impressed.… Read more →