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Hood, Isbell, Cooley. One Night Only for Terry Pace. Shoals Theatre. 06.15.14

“Don’t know why they even bother putting this highway on the mapAnybody that’s ever been on it knows exactly where they’re at‘Cause hell’s on both ends of itAnd nowhere’s in between.This highway’s mean” The length of U.S. Route 72 that runs west from I-65, across the Wheeler Reservoir and Shoal Creek into Florence, isn’t anything to write home about. I’m sure there are… Read more →

Patterson Hood. Larimer Lounge. 12.13.13 / 12.14.13

There was a point during Patterson Hood’s solo performance at Larimer Lounge last night when the lead Drive-By Trucker pretty much gave up trying to hide how high he was. It was during the encore, after a 15-minute song/diatribe about white-knuckle traveling in West Virginia, and halfway into “Dead, Drunk, and Naked”, when he forgot the words once again. This… Read more →

Mike Cooley Solo Project for Record Store Day

Drive-By Truckers have so much talent, it’s insane.  The band employs 3 singer-songwriters, and they are all amazing in their unique way.  Pattersoon Hood is definitely the ring leader and has a couple solo albums under his belt, Jason Isbell actually went solo (his ex-wife, bassist, Shonna, is now the 3rd) and released a couple great albums.  Mike Cooley, whom… Read more →