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The Hold Steady @ The Ogden, 07/07/2010

Everyone has good and bad days at work.  Right?  Well, hopefully you have some good days mixed in with the bad.  But if you’re a rock band, you have to be on it every night.  If you’re having a bad day, you cannot let the audience see or feel it.  If they do, you’re not going to make any new… Read more →

Miike Snow w/Delorean @ Ogden, 04/09/10

What is it with the Swedish bands hiding their identity?  The Knife always covered their faces, jj hid who they were for the first year or so and now Miike Snow take the stage with their faces hidden behind white masks.  I’m not complaining, because all three bands make great music, I just find it interesting. The Miike Snow show… Read more →