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Algiers. Larimer Lounge. 10.03.15

Algiers. Larimer Lounge. 10.03.15 Many words have been written about Algiers since their self-titled debut dropped a few months ago, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing their politics, background, or influences. Anyone reading this is probably fully aware that the band layers gospel, blues and soul over industrial post-punk to create a (slightly volatile) platform… Read more →

EMA. Hi-Dive. 03.06.12

There were many things I didn’t know when I walked into Hi-Dive last night.  I was ignorant and full of misconceptions.  First off, I was unaware of Erika M. Anderson’s history with Denver.  It seems she has been frequenting our Mile High City for quite some time, both as EMA, and with her previous band Gowns.  Giving props to our… Read more →

Sleigh Bells – Treats

I will no longer be writing album reviews. Instead, I will be posting album recommendations with links to a few reviews that I agree with. There are just so many reviews out there and I can’t spend the time anymore. Sleigh Bells – Treats The debut album from my new favorite noisey/electro/crunky/hip-hop duo…as well as my new crush.  Sleigh Bells… Read more →

Quick Quips: Freelance Whales, Gentle Friendly, Rocky Votolato, She & Him, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

There are some albums that I have had in heavy rotation lately that I just haven’t had time to review…these are those albums: Freelance Whales – Weathervanes Sure, they sound a lot like Death Cab and others, but even though this album won’t win any awards for originality, it’s so much fun I really don’t care who they are ripping… Read more →