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Class of 2018: The Overachievers

You know it’s been a strange year in music when the Billboard charts and the critic’s year-end lists have so much in common. Stereogum gave the #1 spot to a pop country album; the same album that topped lists from People and Entertainment Weekly. Janelle Monáe finally got the credit she deserved when she released The ArchAndroid eight years ago. Mitski… Read more →

Class of 2016: The Performers

2016 was another great year for live music in Colorado (and elsewhere). My final count came to 210 performances, across 88 shows and a festival. I was able to see AC/DC on my birthday, right before Brian Johnson’s exit from the band. I got to witness one of Sabbath’s final performances just a few days later. I saw Kanye right before he… Read more →

Kacey Musgraves. Bluebird Theater. 04.20.16

Kacey Musgraves. Bluebird Theater. 04.20.16 It was 4/20 in Denver, Colorado and the place was packed. “Stir It Up” was rattling the house speakers as familiar aromas filled the air. There was nothing to suggest this 420 concert would be any different than the myriad of others taking place across the state all week; especially when Bob Marley gave way… Read more →