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Jamey Johnson. Joe’s Bar. 04.10.15

Jamey Johnson. Joe’s Bar. 04.10.15 “My Home’s in Alabama” was being piped over the PA at Joe’s Bar on Weed Street. I was a thousand miles from home and at least half that far from Alabama. The Chicago crowd ranged from the slightly buzzed to the fall-down drunk. They were rowdy as hell as they sang about being “southern born… Read more →

Jamey Johnson. Grizzly Rose. 05.23.12

For those of you who follow this blog, it might surprise you to learn I’ve had a long history with country music.  My mom was raised among cowboys, cowgirls, horses, bulls and steers.  For her, rodeos were a way of life, and a hard life it was.  So when she grew up, she shunned the soundtrack of those dusty days… Read more →