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Jack White. Blue Rocks. 08.20.14

“It’s Blue Rocks tonight, people!” Jack White has an affection for colors. With White Stripes it was the color red, but ever since he parted ways with Meg, it has been blue. The artwork (and tour) for Blunderbuss found White dressed all in black with blue tinted skin, set against a blue background. Lazaretto continued the same theme, with White… Read more →

Class of 2012: The Performers

I’m fairly certain I attended my final show of 2012 last night.  It was a year of over 200 acts at over 50 shows and 5 festivals in 3 countries and 6 states — and it all comes down to these 15 most memorable moments. * Alabama Shakes 02.04.12 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO Brittany Howard’s incredible voice. up close and… Read more →

Jack White. Red Rocks. 08.08.12

Taking the stage draped in darkness, Jack White’s elongated shadow could have easily been mistaken for that of an eccentric from another generation. Like Tom Waits, Jack White is all about creating the best possible audience experience — even going as far as trying to ban the use of camera phones throughout the performance. The white sheet, on which reflected Mr.… Read more →