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‘along the street lately the stories are bound’

As I mentioned back in December, the time I have available to dedicate to this blog has become less than years past. A new job and other real-life responsibilities have taken precedence over my daily ingest of music and pop culture. I have been working long (full) days for the past few months, and although it has been extremely rewarding to… Read more →

Iceage Burn Through a 25 Minute Set at Rhinocerpolis

Elias Rønnenfelt might resemble Justin Bieber more than Dennis Lyxzén, but when he is literally screaming in your face there is no doubt this kid is pure punk rock!  No soundcheck, no soundguy — hell, there isn’t even a stage at Rhinoceropolis — these Danish kids just plugged in and launched a noise and verbal assault on the large audience in the… Read more →