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Lilith: A Catastrophic Failure?

Half-lit Lilith sign a perfect metaphor for Lilith 2010 A Celebration of Women in Music. Lilith was one of the most popular summer tour/festivals in the late 90s.  But the big comeback a decade later has been plagued with problems.  Disappointing ticket sales, headlining artists pulling out and dates being canceled across the country.  If there were a ‘dislike’ button… Read more →

Lilith Coming Back This Year

I will probably be made fun of in 2010 just as much as I was made fun of in ’97 and ’98 for attending the all-female Lilith Fair.  I will probably care even less than I did back then.  Back then it was Sara McLachlan, Tracy Chapman and Jewel I was interested in.  My friends just didn’t get it.  But… Read more →