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Future Islands. Red Rocks. 07.16.15

Future Islands. Red Rocks. 07.16.15 “We’re Future Islands man, this is just what the fuck we do!” Truer words have never been spoken from the stage at Red Rocks. Sam Herring wore a joker’s grin as he addressed the growing crowd. Every drop of sweat that hit the stage threatened to combust as the man with endless dance moves marked… Read more →

Future Islands. Gothic Theatre. 08.27.14

When Sam Herring spoke of breaking the artifice last night, before closing the set out with “Little Dreamer”, I couldn’t help but wonder what he meant. Everything about Future Islands is honest. Their songs and stage presence are pure life. There is something primal about what they do – something essential. Everything about the band, and the face that represents… Read more →

Future Islands – In Evening Air

Future Islands – In Evening Air Baltimore-based Future Islands have been labeled post-wave, future shock, synthpop, etc.  I would just call them experimental.  But whatever you want to call them, they put on a great live show opening for Dan Deacon last year and have put out one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard in awhile. Future Islands –… Read more →