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‘the horses in my heart are chained’

Gem Club – Breakers (Hardly Art, 2011) Beautiful. Cold.  Haunting.  Quiet.  These are all words that accurately describe the debut full length from Somerville, MA‘s Gem Club.  A collection of minimal, piano-driven compositions featuring Christopher Barnes‘ forlorn figures skating across the ice of an abandoned lake.  Kristen Drymala thaws her frozen fingers on the cello, providing just enough warmth to… Read more →

‘how do you sleep next to me’

The Morning Clouds – Wasted Youth Blues (Lefse, 2011) Wasted Youth Blues is the debut EP from Colorado’s own Josh Wambeke (of Phineas Gage and Fell).   His latest solo project, The Morning Clouds, is a dreamy, druggy affair that blends as well with the crispness of these autumn evenings as it does with the misty morning air.  This collection of songs… Read more →