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Class of 2010: Freshmen

These are the 40 new (and not so new) artists I have discovered in 2010… Active Child (experimental, chillwave, hymtronica) Alias of L.A.-based ex-choir boy, harpist Pat Grossi who released his debut EP, Curtis Lane, this year. Avi Buffalo (indie pop/rock, lo-fi) Very young indie pop band from Long Beach, CA released their self-titled debut album this year. Best Coast… Read more →

FFF: Saturday Recap

Right before it got dark yesterday I was thinking back on the bands I had seen and realized I couldn’t pinpoint any one that stood out.  Aimlessly wandering all day long, seeing a ton of bands but not really seeing any of them.  Nothing could hold my interest for very long.  This is my own fault and I am blaming… Read more →

Delorean – Subiza

I will no longer be writing album reviews. Instead, I will be posting album recommendations with links to a few reviews that I agree with. There are just so many reviews out there and I can’t spend the time anymore. Delorean – Subiza Usually I don’t even give albums like this a chance.  Just not into the euro-dance take on… Read more →

Miike Snow w/Delorean @ Ogden, 04/09/10

What is it with the Swedish bands hiding their identity?  The Knife always covered their faces, jj hid who they were for the first year or so and now Miike Snow take the stage with their faces hidden behind white masks.  I’m not complaining, because all three bands make great music, I just find it interesting. The Miike Snow show… Read more →