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Tenacious D. Red Rocks. 07.26.12

The D have come a long way since opening for Galactic and Ween at Red Rocks back in 2001.  Or have they?  Sure, a little over a decade later they are able to headline the venue in Morrison, but is that really based on anything Tenacious D have done?  Or is it more about Jack Black’s status as a movie… Read more →

Those Pizza Hut/Taco Bell Guys Release Mixtape

Shut Up, Dude is the first collection of songs to be released from the East Coast meets West Coast duo Das Racist.  The self-described Art Rap/Freak Folk/World Music partnership between Brooklyn’s Himanshu Suri and San Francisco’s Victor Vazquez went viral last year when their Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell single hit the web. It was so stupid, and so… Read more →