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notes from the coast: Decapitated. 10.10.11

Technical Death Metal. It’s a sub-genre that has a rabid, dedicated following. But for others like myself, many find it very hit and miss. There is no doubting the sheer brutality or the dizzying technical chops these kinds of bands have, and there are certainly some I love. But my problem with most is that often times all one hears… Read more →

Hate Eternal Lead Onslaught of Death at Marquis

‘We’re about to get into some metal in about 2 fucking seconds!’ Erik Rutan was not a happy man during soundcheck following Origin‘s set on their dual-headlining tour. The sound guy, violently pushing his way through those of us up front wasn’t having a good day either. ‘Plug this in!‘ ‘Fuckin’ nothing!!!‘ ‘Does this sound like 12?!!!‘ Witnessing the lead… Read more →

Nile @ Bluebird 1/25/10

Just got back from the Nile show at the Bluebird.  I still can’t hear so well, and the ringing in my ears is preventing me from sleeping.  Nile is a death metal band from South Carolina, made up of Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade on vocals and guitar, Chris Lollis on bass and George Kollias on drums.  Blast beat drums. … Read more →