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Miguel. Boulder Theater. 10.11.16

Miguel. Boulder Theater. 10.11.16 As the lights slowly dimmed around the venue, the Boulder Theater became Miguel’s bedroom. A panel of screens reflected all the stars in the cosmos, while a voice called for sacrifice to the void, because in the end, “we’re all gonna die young.” Laughing in the face of mortality, as only the young can do, the mostly… Read more →

Joanna Newsom. Boulder Theater. 04.03.16

Joanna Newsom. Boulder Theater. 04.03.16 Growing up in a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains was a pleasurable experience, but the lack of culture drove me away at the first opportunity. Like many others before me, I wanted to experience life outside of Auburn, California. San Diego became my launching pad. From there I traveled the… Read more →

Drive-By Truckers. Boulder Theater. 04.12.13

The secret to a happy ending is knowing when to roll the credits…but not tonight! When Patterson Hood uttered those words during “World of Hurt”, there was no doubt he was trying to convince himself as much as those in the crowd. It’s no secret that Drive-By Truckers have had their share of hurt over the years, and the veterans… Read more →

The xx. Boulder Theater. 10.17.12

It seems like a lifetime ago when “VCR” was the top download on The Hype Machine, so when the London trio performed the song that introduced so many to their sublimely subtle sound, it was hard to believe The xx have only been in our lives since 2009.  This young band became the next ‘indie darlings’ with their self-titled debut… Read more →

Drive-By Truckers Bring The Rock Show To Colorado

  When you have been seeing a band live since their humble beginnings, you can’t help but be disappointed as that band gets popular, starts playing larger venues and stops playing the ‘classic’ songs you love.  That is unless that band is Drive-By Truckers.  While so many bands I like have been disappointing over the past couple years, Drive-By Truckers… Read more →