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Black Sabbath. 02.15.16. Pepsi Center

Black Sabbath. 02.15.16. Pepsi Center “Let’s have a fucking wild time tonight!” The Prince of Darkness leaned forward and gripped the mic stand with his painted black fingers while six brilliant flames shot several feet into the air behind him. “You ain’t fucking loud enough! I can’t hear you!” It wouldn’t be surprising if Ozzy Osbourne actually is deaf at… Read more →

R.I.P Ronnie James Dio

1942 – 2010 Heavy Metal God Ronnie James Dio died of stomach cancer this morning.  The front man for Black Sabbath from 1982 – 1991 (known as the Dio years) went on to form the band Dio.  It was with Dio that he released the classic Holy Diver album in 1983.  He then went back to Black Sabbath for a… Read more →