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Morrissey. Ellie Caulkins Opera House. 05.17.14

Discovering and obtaining music in the 80’s was a process that most kids would not understand today. They live in an age where songs are nothing more than disposable streams of 1’s and 0’s and there are no obstacles between the artist and the listener. That was not the case when Morrissey and Marr were recording music in England three… Read more →

Arcade Fire. Pepsi Center. 04.23.14

If someone would have walked up to me in 2005 and asked me which ‘indie’ band I thought would be playing huge arena shows in less than 10 years, I doubt my answer would have included the words Arcade Fire. Seriously, Funeral is among my favorite albums of all time, but it didn’t exactly scream ‘commercially viable product’. In fact,… Read more →

Spiritualized. Bluebird Theater. 04.04.13

The first time I remember hearing the name J. Spaceman was when Jason Pierce took the stage at the Bluebird Theater on Thursday night — the crowd went crazy, screaming his name as if he were the Second Coming. Taking the seat he would occupy for the remainder of the evening, in unassuming attire and a pair of aviator sunglasses, the creative… Read more →

Jack White. Red Rocks. 08.08.12

Taking the stage draped in darkness, Jack White’s elongated shadow could have easily been mistaken for that of an eccentric from another generation. Like Tom Waits, Jack White is all about creating the best possible audience experience — even going as far as trying to ban the use of camera phones throughout the performance. The white sheet, on which reflected Mr.… Read more →

A Weekend on The Rocks: Neil Young, Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Trombone Shorty and Counting Crows

Three of my past four nights have been spent at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre up in Morrison, making this a banner season in my short time frequenting the venue.  This is my fourth season at the Rocks and although I publicly bashed this year’s schedule, it has turned out to be an unexpectedly good year.  The weather has been great,… Read more →

Tenacious D. Red Rocks. 07.26.12

The D have come a long way since opening for Galactic and Ween at Red Rocks back in 2001.  Or have they?  Sure, a little over a decade later they are able to headline the venue in Morrison, but is that really based on anything Tenacious D have done?  Or is it more about Jack Black’s status as a movie… Read more →