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Damien Rice. Iron & Wine. Red Rocks. 08.10.15

Damien Rice. Iron & Wine. Red Rocks. 08.10.15 The transformative process of puberty is something every boy experiences. It’s a part of growing up. The physical and biological changes can cause excitement, confusion, anxiety and anger – sometimes all within the running time of a single song. As men, we sometimes forget what it was like to lose control of… Read more →

Hozier / Dawes. Red Rocks. 08.02.15

Hozier / Dawes. Red Rocks. 08.02.15 As much as our 12-year-old daughter loves going to concerts with her parents, especially when we drag her to see bands that peaked before she was born, she seems to enjoy herself much more when she can bring a friend along. So when the Red Rocks schedule starts to emerge each year, I’m always… Read more →

Patterson Hood. Larimer Lounge. 12.13.13 / 12.14.13

There was a point during Patterson Hood’s solo performance at Larimer Lounge last night when the lead Drive-By Trucker pretty much gave up trying to hide how high he was. It was during the encore, after a 15-minute song/diatribe about white-knuckle traveling in West Virginia, and halfway into “Dead, Drunk, and Naked”, when he forgot the words once again. This… Read more →