Against Me! – White Crosses

Against Me! – White Crosses Even though I understand the backlash against this band, I can’t help but like them.  I’m sure if I was into Against Me! when I was 15 I wouldn’t be able to handle their crossover into the mainstream.  But I only discovered them a couple years back and I like their folk-punk/alt-rock sound, even if… Read more →

Zola Jesus – Stridulum EP

Zola Jesus – Stridulum EP The new(er) EP from the singer/songwriter from Phoenix is a dark one.  You will have no doubts that Zola Jesus was logical choice to open for Fever Ray on her recent tour. Zola Jesus – Night Reviews: PopMatters 7/10 Pitchfork 8.1 One Thirty BPM 84% Read more →

Nachtmystium – Addicts: Black Meddle, Part II

Nachtmystium – Addicts: Black Meddle, Part II Not your father’s black metal…or is it?  This album seems to be influenced more by Trent Reznor and Roger Waters than it does by Varg Vikernes or the corpse-painted Norwegians.  These guys from Illinois are labeled psychedelic black metal, but I swear some of these songs are downright danceable.  Definitely not for everyone,… Read more →

Stars – Five Ghosts

Stars – Five Ghosts Another super dramatic offering from the Canadian band Stars.  I don’t think they will ever be able to top 2005’s Set Yourself On Fire, but I also don’t think they will ever release anything I don’t like.  You just can’t beat the tragedies that play out between Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell. Stars – I Died… Read more →

Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 1

Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 1 Hands down the best thing to happen to dance pop this decade (sorry Gaga), Robyn writes perfect pop songs with just enough edge to keep her on the hipster radar.  You’ll find her on the blogs, Pitchfork, Stereogum, as well as the dancefloor. Robyn – Dancing On My Own Reviews: Pitchfork 8.5 Slant 4/5… Read more →

Ólafur Arnalds – …And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness

Ólafur Arnalds – …And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness Call it classical, call it neo-classical, call it instrumental or experimental….call it soothing and beautiful.  Not being a fan of  most instrumental music (I like the stories told in lyrics too much), something about the newest release from 23 year old Ólafur Arnalds keeps drawing me in.  What is… Read more →

Avi Buffalo – Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo –Avi Buffalo Indie pop with psychedelic swirls from a bunch of 19 years old kids.  Maybe I’m getting old, but kids this young just shouldn’t be able to make music this mature.  That being said, immature track titles such as  Five Little Sluts and Summer Cum set my mind at ease…it seems 19 year olds are still 19… Read more →

The Roots – How I Got Over

The Roots – How I Got Over It’s been over 8 years since The Roots put out an album that comes close to their live experience.   After witnessing  their stage show, I always felt their recorded material fell flat.  How I Got Over does not seem flat at all.  Quality hip-hop has been hard to come by recently, but this… Read more →

The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang The Jersey boys do it again!  Their follow-up to one of my favorite albums of 2008, The ’59 Sound, contains more of their Bad Religion meets Springsteen sing-along songs about life, death, girls and cars.  A great anthem album about America that sounds even better on the day the USA progresses to the Round… Read more →