Class of 2014: The Performers


2014 was another great year for live music in Colorado (and elsewhere). And it’s not over yet. I still have one or two more shows to go, but I wanted to get the list out. My final count (so far) came to 198 performances at 78 shows (and a handful of festivals), 35% of which were at my favorite venue in the world. At 28 shows, 2014 marked my busiest Red Rocks season to date. Most of the shows I saw were worthy of mention, but I decided to keep my shortlist to an even 10. Here are my most memorable live music experiences of 2014…

The National

The National
Belly Up, Aspen, CO
an extremely big sound in an extremely small room.


Moe’s, Englewood, CO
extremely brave to strip away all the layers to expose the voice and talent within.

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire / tUnE-yArDs / Kid Koala
Pepsi Center, Denver, CO
one of the best arena-rock bands in an era where arena-rock is dead.

Hood, Isbell, Cooley

Hood, Isbell, Cooley: One Night Only for Terry Pace
The Shoals Theater, Florence, AL
the familiarity they had with the crowd made it something beyond words.


Nine Inch Nail / Soundgarden
06.21.14 / 06.22.14
Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
as Reznor spewed a little of that hate machine he still has left in him.


Beck / Jenny Lewis
Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
the rapper, the bluesman, the introvert and the drunken fool.

Jack White

Jack White / Curtis Harding
Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
standing in a pool of water, holding an electric guitar, while lightning cracked the sky open.

Lil Wayne

Drake vs. Lil Wayne
Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
they proved that they both have their strengths and weaknesses, but they are better together. 

Tom Petty

Tom Petty / Steve Winwood
10.01.14 / 10.03.14
Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
two nights with two legends, in a legendary venue. 

John Moreland

John Moreland / Kierston White
3 Kings, Denver, CO
Country music comes from glorious pain and suffering….only a handful of people have the fortitude…even fewer who have the gift…John Moreland is one of the elite. 

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