LongLiveA$AP Tour. Ogden Theatre. 10.15.12

If you enjoyed last night’s show at the Ogden, you might want to quit reading now.  This is one of those rare occurrences when I’m going to talk about how bad a show was.  Seriously, you had to have been high to enjoy any set from last night’s LongLiveA$AP stop in Denver.  And even though 90% of you were exactly that, no amount of purple persuasion could convince me that Danny Brown, ScHoolboy Q and the A$AP Mob were not a complete waste of my time.

Before you label me a hater, I should set the stage.  Danny Brown’s set at SXSW this year was hands-down one of the highlights of that trip to Austin, and ScHoolboy Q’s short set at the Fader Fort was only upstaged by the Black Hippy performance that followed.  And I might be one of the only people who defended the A$AP Mob’s aggression on the last night of the festival.  I am not a hater, I just sorta hated the show last night.  It was the polar opposite of the Kendrick Lamar show the week before.  It’s almost as if all the hip-hop cliché that Kendrick left at the back door was picked up and divided among the acts, only to be thrown at the sold-out crowd like a drum stick at the end of the rock concert.  Late starts, awful hypemen, laziness, inflated egos, awful sound, too many people on the stage — where Kendrick Lamar brought a renewed sense of interest in being more than just a rapper, last night’s lineup brought the scene right back to the gutter.

Instead of writing a review, I’ll just summarize what was wrong with each act…

Danny Brown

  • Awful hypeman – he was so much better at the Mohwak when he was doing what he do…by himself.
  • Sound – his lyrics are what make him…when you can’t hear them, he is not worth seeing.
  • Short Set – he was scheduled to come on at 8pm…he didn’t come on until 8:30..leaving him to a 30 minute set.
  • Cover Song – with an extremely short set, he wasted precious time with an Ab-Soul cover (most of these people saw Ab-Soul last week!).

ScHoolboy Q

  • Flow – there was a pause and chatter between every song, causing him to lose momentum.
  • Too High – he literally had to sit down every five minutes, probably due to smoking constantly — I have no problem with the smoking, but know your limit man!
  • Cover Song – covering A.D.H.D was unwise — we all saw Kendrick last week and you are no Kendrick.
  • Preaching – he covers where he came from in the lyrics, there is no reason to constantly preach.

A$AP Rocky + MoB

  • Late – it’s not that it was too late when they came on, but 50 minutes between acts without even providing a DJ is ridiculous.
  • Politics – not even sure it was politics, as A$AP never clarified, but an upsidedown flag and talk of a mysterious battle seems a little over-the-top for someone who only raps about women and drugs.
  • Theatrics vs. Content – the militeristic costumes and orange facemask might have been cool if Odd Future hadn’t done it before, but no amount of theatrical content can take away from a bad performance.
  • A$AP Mob – when he was alone, A$AP Rocky wasn’t half-bad — “Wassup” was a highlight and I was looking forward to more of the Clams Casino tracks — but when the mob came out, it was chaotic as hell and sounded like crap.
  • Drunk People – by this point, some dude was trying to have sex with the girl next to him while yelling “Kanye West!”…not A$AP’s fault, but it was enough to make me leave early.

Driving home, listening to a playlist comprised of all these artists, I couldn’t help but think how good the show could’ve been.  If I could go back in time, I would have spent the $30 on gas and just driven around the city listening to XXXHabits & Contradictions and LiveLoveA$AP in my ride, where there’s no bullshit and the sound is better.