Nas keeps it real with Daughters

Nas is one of the best rappers alive.  I am happy to say I never gave up on him.  In fact, I just saw him perform a couple years ago and he killed it like it was 1994.  Sure, not everything he’s released since Illmatic has been newsworthy, but if I’m not mistaken, Nas has never done anything to embarrass himself.  Not every cut can be a classic, but to be consistently good and to stay true to who you are, makes all the difference in this game.  Nas will be 40-years-old next year, which is ancient in the hip-hop arena, but instead of making children’s movies or recording tracks wtih Skrillex to stay relevant among the kids, he has been releasing straight-up old school gangsta shit that evokes the past while setting a new bar for the future.  But when you’re almost 2 decades into your career, have a family and are so far removed from the hood that birthed your style, it can’t be all streets, all the time.  It seems every emcee eventually records a song for their children, and usually it’s a cheeseball throw-away track that doesn’t deserve a place on the album, much less single treatment.  That cannot be said for “Daughters”, the latest from Nas’ tenth LP, Life Is Good.  It’s personal, honest and heartfelt, but it’s also gritty and real — my guess is the majority of Nas’ fanbase have daughters of their own, but even if they don’t, the No I.D. production and Nas flow should win over the kids growing up in the shadows of the golden age.

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