Who is Rhye?

There is something frustratingly familiar about the seductive female vocal in the 3 tracks that make up Rhye‘s debut teaser, Open…I just can’t put my finger on where I’ve heard it before.  Unfortunately, this is one of those rare times when Google will not give up the answer I’m looking for.

Rhye are playing the popular game of hide-and-seek, putting their own spin on the new ‘buzzmaker’ with black-and-white photos of body parts instead of masked figures.  What we do know, via their Fader introduction, is that ‘they live in LA, but both have European backgrounds; they’re signed to Innovative Leisure, and they’re both members of other (possibly well-known) bands‘.  They immediately bring to mind The xx, jj, Sade and others…but instead of confusing you with my perception of this project, take a listen below.  And please, let me know who you think they are…

Rhye – Open

(Video NSFW)


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