Evian Christ drops Kings and Them mixtape

It makes sense that 2012’s first youtube-born ‘next big thing’ would land on Tri-Angle — the home of How To Dress Well, Balam Acab, oOoOO and Clams Casino.  The label just dropped this mixtape of the 8 tracks the enigmatic Evian Christ posted in late December.  Having only listened to “Fuck It None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap” before this release, I have to say I’m extremely impressed with this collection that brings to mind most of the labelmates listed above, as well as Salem, (sampled) Grouper and the new school of rappers coming out of New York and Southern California.  Take the time to download Kings and Them and I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to the future from Evian Christ…

Evian Christ – Fuck It None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap