The Joy of Disney

My father, wife and daughter accompanied me on a work trip to Orlando this week.  We spent the weekend exploring the world Walt built.  January is a great time in Mouse Town as the lines arn’t too long and the heat is at a minimum.  Overall it has been a great experience, but there was one thing that disturbed me almost as much as the ghostly ghouls of the Haunted Mansion disturbed my 9 year old — the Mickey Mouse Unknown Pleasures t-shirt.  Actually, if I am being honest, it didn’t disturbed me as much as confuse me. I mean, it wasn’t Mickey MacKaye wearing combat boots with his head on his knees or anything, but it did cross my mind that the Joy Division imagery was a little inappropriate for a company that used to have a dress code that included something like  ‘no long haired hippies‘, ‘no punks‘ and ‘no piercings‘.  Anyway, it wasn’t until Pitchfork posted this today that I realized how strange this shirt really is.  I plan on buying one tonight, before Disney wakes up and pulls them from the shelves. *

* they were pulled from all Disney stores within 24 hours of this post