Class of 2011: The Short Bus

In years past, ILSUDH2 has lumped these short-players in with their long playing brethren, but this year there were enough ‘bite-sized’ releases to warrant their own post.  Here are the Favorite EPs of 2011.

* Spotify playlist at bottom of post

05. The Morning Clouds – Wasted Youth Blues
(Lefse, 2011)

‘how do you sleep next to me’

The Morning Clouds – Ends

04. Wise Blood – These Wings
(Dovecote, 2011)

‘I need someone who won’t faint when I go insane’

Wise Blood – Penthouse Suites

(self released, 2010 & 2011)

‘serenaded by those whom are no longer with us’

WHITE HORSE – The Blessing of Heaven is Visibly Upon Me

02. James Blake – Enough Thunder EP
(Universal Republic, 2011)

‘we can hope for heartbreak now’

James Blake – Enough Thunder

01. Alabama Shakes – Alabama Shakes EP
(self-released, 2011)

are you scared to tell somebody how you feel about somebody

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

Lissie – Covered Up With Flowers
(Fat Possum, 2011)
This collection highlights Lissie’s unique cover songs, but didn’t seem appropriate for the list because it lacks any original material.

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