Fun Fun Fun fest: 11.06.11

Oh Sunday, Fun Fun Fun Day, I gotta admit it was a little hard to get started.  After enduring some 20 hours of festival living (aka eating and drinking dust and watching live music), and endless nites of violent, half-naked emcees (B L A C K I E), blackgaze chaos (Deafheaven) and horsecore (Dead Horse), I just needed a little rest.  They say everything is bigger in Texas, but thankfully that rule doesn’t seem to apply to  hangovers.  Once that Austin sun found its way into my hotel room, it was time to get up and get back out there.  After a quick shower, an incredible breakfast with bloodys at Trudy’s and a quick browse through Waterloo Records, it was time to head back down to the Shores.

It was around 2:00pm by the time I crossed  under those FFF gates, and it was immediately apparent that the dust situation had been mediated by the overnight showers.  This was not a muddy situation by any means, but the high humidity of the day gave s0me weight to the earth, leaving us with much more breathable air.

Not being used to a third day of fun, and rolling solo again, I didn’t really have a plan.  I knew I wanted to see Slayer, but have seen them so many times, I wasn’t going to camp out and wait for them like the diehards.  I wanted to see Odd Future as well, just because another group once told me not to believe the hype, and from what I had heard, I had major doubts.  So there I was, on a Sunday in Texas, with a good five hours away from these unholy headliners.  What to do but wander?  So wander I did.

We Were Promised Jetpacks, Mates of State and Hum all held my attention at the Orange Stage for a few songs each.  Del, Baths and G-Side were entertaining enough for a couple tracks.  It was pretty funny seeing a suburban looking father high-fiving his 3-year-old son while watching Cannibal CorpseTed Leo‘s Misfits covers took the Danzig bashing to a hilarious level.  Eyehategod was fun, family entertainment on this day of rest.  And I totally fell for Grimes.  But it seemed nothing could really hold my attention — another beer, another slice of pizza, another piss break, and on to the next act.

It wasn’t until I found myself sitting down, drinking a Red Bull Vodka (for energy, of course) and listening to Henry Rollins tell stories about his travels for Nat Geo, scaring the shit out of Dennis Hopper, and North Korean comedy, that I really felt I had found my spot.  Having never heard Rollins speak like this, I was enthralled; I was literally hanging on every word.  When he finished with the punchline ‘that’s why I have a passport‘, I stood up invigorated and ready for some SLAYER!!!

And Slayer slayed as usual.  I was up front while they painted the world in blood, I was back a little further during the war, and after I felt like I had gotten my fill of one of the heaviest live bands on the planet, I went to see what the future held.  I went to the Blue Stage to have my expectations and fears confirmed or denied.  What I did not expect is to have both happen simultaneously.  Tyler, The Creator and the rest of the Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew were the young, disrespectful, ‘nigga-this, bitch-that‘ little punks I expected them to be, and I loved it.  To say they were more punk than hip-hop would be wrong, but there really is something beyond the ‘shock ’em’ lyrics (that really arn’t very shocking when you look through the pages of hip-hop history) — there is an energy that reminds me of early Fugazi and Wu-Tang shows.  A stellar performance from a group of individuals whom I will never listen to their records, but can recommend their shows to anyone who isn’t easily offended.

Slayer was the last band standing at the end of the night, ending the Fun Fun Fun fest with Angel of Death.  It was badass, of course, and once again proved this is the best festival around.

I am still hoping to write up more details, setlists, etc., etc., but my only excuse tonight is that after personally witnessing over 40 hours of live music by over 60 acts across 3 days and 3 nites, I am tired.  I am done.

Full Sets:
Grimes, Zero Boys, Eyehategod, Henry Rollins, Odd Future

Partial Sets:
We Were Promised Jetpacks, G-Side, Mates of State, MNDR, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Baths, Del the Funky Homosapien, Cannibal Corpse, Boris, Flying Lotus, Hum, Brian Posehn, Slayer

Favorite 5:
Slayer, Henry Rollins, Odd Future, Grimes, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

Biggest Disappointment:
My own ADD.  I could not stay in one place for any amount of time.

Strongest Stage of the Day:
Blue.  All stages were a little hit and miss on Sunday, but for fans of the beat, the Blue Stage had a pretty strong line-up.

We Were Promised Jetpacks



Mates of State


Zero Boys



Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Del the Funky Homosapien

Cannibal Corpse


Henry Rollins

Flying Lotus


Brian Posehn

Tyler, The Creator (OFWGKTA)


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