Fun Fun Fun fest: 11.04.11

Fun Fun Fun managed the transition from Waterloo Park to the much larger Auditorium Shores without losing what made it special in the first place.   While the short walk between stages (and scenes) became somewhat of a hike, this really gave more room for those spaces in between and removed the noise battle that sometimes plagued the old home.  As the self-deprecating Misprint Guide will assure you, the line-up continues to include everything from nostalgia ‘buzz bands from 2006‘, hot ‘bands that played the 11am slot at ACL‘, local ‘friends from morning radio‘ and stuff for the girls like ‘popular electronic artists that normal dudes have never heard of‘.  They might have moved to much nicer digs, but the people at FFF know what’s  important — I never once stood in line for an outhouse, a drink or food —  I walked right up to the stage for all acts except Danzig and Big Freedia.  And it’s in Austin in November, so you can complain about the cold nights all you want, Day 1 had  perfect weather!  FFF has grown up, it can play with the big boys now, but it has made sure that everything else has grown proportionately, so it still seems like your own little festival.

Now, that’s not to say there weren’t some growing pains.  I didn’t see one act that didn’t have some type of sound problem, and the Danzig shit (while 90% Glenn‘s fault) was a real shitty way to end the day.  I also think this year’s line-up is a little top heavy.  And by the end of the day, the eating, drinking and breathing of dust took its toll.  But those are minor complaints about what I believe to be the best festival in America today.

Full Sets:
Defeater, Total Control, Mind Spiders,Doomriders, Omar Souleyman, Thee Oh Sees, Okkervil River, B L A C K I E, Death Grips

Partial Sets:
From Ashes Rise, Black Milk, D Generation, Pictureplane, Franki Chan, Ty Segall, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Public Enemy, Danzig Legacy, ADd+

Favorite 5:
Death Grips, Okkervil River, Thee Oh Sees, B L A C K I E, Defeater

Biggest Disappointment:
The Glenn Stefani debacle

Strongest Stage So Far:
Nites (sorry, but the Nites rule!)

I will follow up with a quick review of each band, as well as how B L A C K I E scared the shit out of me, Death Grips made me lose my hat, Thee Oh Sees blew away all expectations, and my thoughts on the Danzig Diva situation…but right now I’ve got to get out there and catch Future Islands early set!


Total Control

Mind Spiders


From Ashes Rise

Black Milk

Omar Souleyman

D Generation

Ty Segall


Thee Oh Sees

Big Freedia

Okkervil River

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Danzig Legacy (as Samhain)


Death Grips

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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