‘how do you sleep next to me’

The Morning Clouds – Wasted Youth Blues
(Lefse, 2011)

Wasted Youth Blues is the debut EP from Colorado’s own Josh Wambeke (of Phineas Gage and Fell).   His latest solo project, The Morning Clouds, is a dreamy, druggy affair that blends as well with the crispness of these autumn evenings as it does with the misty morning air.  This collection of songs has been released to the word via Lefse Records, the same label that introduced us to Youth Yagoon’s personal bedroom confession.  The two albums have a lot in common as well, one reflects the naive frustrations around the freedom that is afforded the young, while the other pines for a past that never exited in the first place.

There are moments on this album that remind me of Velvet Underground, there are moments that remind me of the Beach Boys‘ more chemical enhanced years; there are moments that bring to mind Atlas Sound and there are moments that feel like they are surfing on that chill wave.  Overall, another interesting release from this Colorado scene that is overflowing with interesting things.

The Morning CloudsEnds

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  1. Koan
    October 20, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Initial reaction…fairly comparable to A.A. Bondy, whom I love, but with less reverb. Lots of haziness and stark sounds that give the music a dream-like quality. I dig it.

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